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Bring a touch of cinematic flair to your dining experience with our exclusive All-over Print Poly Twill Placemat (sold per piece)

, featuring the dynamic movie poster from the indie sensation "Air Fryer Slaughter" alongside the captivating images of the main cast. Crafted from high-quality, durable poly twill material, these placemats are not just a dining accessory but a statement piece, designed to endure daily use and stand the test of time.

Measuring at a generous 18"x14", these placemats provide ample space for your plates, bowls, and utensils, enhancing your dining setup while offering enough room for guests to enjoy their meals comfortably. The vibrant, all-over print brings the excitement and intrigue of indie cinema right to your table, making every meal an occasion.

Not only do these placemats boast an eye-catching design, but they are also practical for everyday use. Easy to clean and maintain, they ensure your dining area remains stylish and stain-free. Additionally, their lightweight nature and flexibility make them easy to store, perfect for any home from the bustling family kitchen to the chic urban apartment.

Infuse your dining space with the energy and creativity of the independent film world. These poly twill placemats are perfect for film enthusiasts, indie art supporters, or anyone looking to add an original and thought-provoking touch to their home decor.

Each purchase is for one placemat. If you would like enough placemats for a 4 plate table setting, you should order 4 placemats. 

All-Over Print Poly Twill Placemat

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