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Delight the beer aficionado in your life with the ultimate kitchen gadget — our fridge magnet bottle openers, shaped ingeniously like a bottle cap! This cleverly designed accessory is not only a nod to their favorite pastime but also a functional piece that adds a quirky touch to any refrigerator or metallic surface.

The top surface of each bottle cap opener is customizable, allowing you to tailor it with logos, names, or even the labels of their favorite brews, making it a personalized gift that’s both thoughtful and practical. With a magnetic back, this opener sticks firmly to the fridge, ensuring it's always within reach when it's time to crack open a cold one.

Measuring at a comfortable 76.2mm in diameter, with a thickness ranging between 127mm and 203.2mm, it's the perfect size for handling with ease. Plus, with two different mechanisms on the underside, it effortlessly opens a wide variety of beverage bottles, catering to all tastes. Whether it's for a casual beer drinker or a connoisseur, these fridge magnet bottle openers are the perfect blend of functionality, style, and personal touch.

Magnetic Bottle Opener

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