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SunnyJ Shores

SunnyJ Shores

SunnyJ Shores is a sassy, classy, with a touch of badassy southern belle. Hard to find in the USA, SunnyJ is often slipping over boarders to far away places - out of earshot of her mother, who’s always pestering for grandchildren.

Fiercely independent and spunky, nothing makes her as pleased as a pig in peaches as when she’s scuba diving, skydiving, or caving - better yet, a combo of the three! She loves her dogs, Mr Black, a Labrador, Snowbelle, a Thai Soi dog, Coconut the Chihuahua and Honey, the Maltese.

Living together in her little hut in Phetchaburi Thailand, the furry pack enjoy milling about in the garden & listening to their hu-mom tell wild tales of hu-granddaddy's cowboy days in Reno.

An avid herbalist, she’s dreaming of a time when she can expand her tribe to include pygmy milk goats, allowing her to fulfill her dream of becoming a legendary herbal cheese crafter.

More baked than a potato, she loves being the fruit loop in your bowl of cheerios. And she makes coloring books and collaborates on humorously helpful planners.
LaTasha Johnson

LaTasha Johnson

LaTasha Johnson is a dedicated teacher, children's activist, and published author. She has spent many years working with young people, and is passionate about empowering children and young adults to reach their full potential.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, LaTasha was inspired to become an educator by her own experiences in the classroom. After graduating from Spelman College with a degree in education, she went on to obtain her Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Georgia State University.

As an educator, LaTasha has worked in both private and public schools, spanning kindergarten to high school. She has always been committed to ensuring that her students receive the best possible education, and that they feel confident and empowered in their own abilities.

In addition to her work as an educator, LaTasha is also a children's activist, working tirelessly to ensure that young people have access to the resources they need to thrive. She has volunteered at numerous schools and community organizations, advocating for better educational opportunities for all children.

LaTasha's latest project is the #BlackGirlPower journal, a tool designed to empower young black girls to build social emotional awareness, set goals and reflect on emotional growth, and ultimately track achievements. She understands the unique challenges faced by young black girls in today's society, and believes that this journal can make a meaningful difference in their lives.

When she's not writing or teaching, LaTasha enjoys spending time with her family and participating in community events. She is a passionate advocate for equality and social justice, and is committed to making a positive impact on the world.

Overall, LaTasha Johnson is a dedicated and talented educator, author, and children's activist. She has made a significant impact in the lives of young people, both in the classroom and beyond. With her unwavering commitment to empowering children and young adults, LaTasha is sure to continue making a difference for years to come.

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Bigg Moose

Bigg Moose is a gentle giant spreading love, peace and positivity from Colorado to Arizona and beyond as a TikTok influencer @HuskyMoose420. He has been down with the clowns since 1995 and has personally met several members of the Clown Posse and raised a Whoop Whoop at every chance. He refuses to confirm or deny that he is indeed the “Masked Bandit”, the mysterious wrestler who competes throughout South America - yet we do know that he has a history of wrestling from his days in Pueblo Colorado. While blazing a Juggalo path, Moose gets loose with his creativity through action packed photography calendars and planners. 

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