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Coloring Inclusively for Super Bowl Festivities

image of many people coloring in coloring books
Super Bowl Coloring Party

The Super Bowl, an event that captivates millions of viewers with its thrilling moments, high energy, and community spirit, offers a unique opportunity to bring people together, including children and adults on the autism spectrum. For these individuals, large gatherings and loud noises typical of Super Bowl parties can be overwhelming. However, by incorporating football-themed coloring and activity books into the celebrations, everyone can enjoy the camaraderie and excitement of the day in a way that's comfortable and engaging for them.

Creating an Inclusive Super Bowl Festivities Experience

Coloring and activity books with a football theme provide a calm, focused activity that can help manage sensory overload while still participating in the festivities. These tools not only offer a quiet retreat for individuals who might find the noise and social interaction challenging but also serve as a bridge to the event, allowing them to connect with others over shared interests in a more controlled and reassuring environment.

Coloring in a coloring book while holding a football
Sports Day Coloring for Calm

Benefits for Children and Spectrum Adults

1. Sensory Regulation: The act of coloring can be incredibly soothing, offering a way to regulate sensory input in an environment that can otherwise be chaotic. For adults on the spectrum, especially, this can mean the difference between feeling isolated during the celebrations and enjoying the day alongside everyone else.

2. Social Inclusion: Football-themed coloring and activity books can serve as a social icebreaker, providing common ground for conversation with peers and family members. Discussing favorite teams, players, or Super Bowl moments can help build connections and foster a sense of belonging.

3. Cognitive Engagement: For children and adults alike, activity books can challenge the mind and keep the brain engaged through puzzles, word searches, and trivia related to football and the Super Bowl. This not only enhances cognitive skills but also deepens their understanding and appreciation of the game.

4. Emotional Comfort: Engaging in a familiar and enjoyable activity like coloring can provide emotional comfort and reduce anxiety during large gatherings. It's a way to participate without the pressure of social expectations, making the Super Bowl experience more accessible and enjoyable.

How to Incorporate These Tools into Super Bowl Celebrations

decorated living room with super bowl decorations for a quiet ambiance
quiet super bowl themed area

  • Set Up a Quiet Coloring Corner: Dedicate a space away from the main viewing area where individuals can go to color or do activities if they feel overwhelmed. Make it cozy and inviting, with plenty of seating and lighting.

  • Choose Inclusive Activities: Select coloring books and activities that appeal to a wide range of ages and abilities, ensuring that the designs are not too complex for younger children or too simplistic for adults.

  • Encourage Group Participation: While some may prefer to color alone, others might enjoy the camaraderie of a group activity. Organize a coloring session during halftime for anyone who wants to join, making it a new Super Bowl tradition.

  • Celebrate Everyone's Work: Display completed pages from the coloring and activity books as part of the Super Bowl decorations. This not only showcases everyone's creativity but also reinforces their inclusion in the day's festivities.

Be Creative! Be Inclusive! Embrace the Moments Together and Be Colorful!


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