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First Freebie Friday!

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Freebie Friday Nov 9 2023

As a member of the Tinge World team, I am thrilled to announce our latest initiative - "Freebie Friday" coloring pages in pdf! (file below) Coloring has shown to be a great activity for promoting self-care and overall wellbeing, and we want to contribute to the community's efforts towards mental health by providing free coloring pages every Friday. We believe that art and creativity are essential elements of living a fulfilling life. Therefore, with this initiative, we are not only offering free coloring pages but also creating a collaborative and interactive community of artists and coloring enthusiasts. We welcome photos of your colored pages (send pics to ) If you share on social media, be sure to tag us at @TingeWorld (fb) or #TingeWorld

We understand the importance of community wellbeing, and we want to do our part in ensuring that everyone has access to art therapy. And what better way to start off than by sharing pages from our much-loved "Sip & Shade Party Art Book" Christmas edition and from our newest coloring book - "Crisp Autumn Morning Coloring Book" to be released in 2024. We want our fans and followers to be happy and enjoy the benefits of coloring.

Through these pages, we hope to inspire creativity and promote self-care. We want to encourage people to come together and share their finished pieces in our gallery, inspiring each other in positive ways. We are excited to see how everyone engages with this program and we can't wait to showcase some of the incredible works of art that will be produced using these pages.

As a company that deeply cares about the mental health of our community, Tinge World is committed to using our platform to promote wellbeing and creativity. We believe that our "Freebie Friday" coloring pages will contribute to this vision by giving everyone access to the therapeutic benefits of coloring. We want to invite everyone to join us every Friday and share in the joy and creativity of coloring. Let's make the world a more colorful and happier place, one page at a time.

Download HERE:

Freebie Friday Tinge World Nov 92023
Download PDF • 10.08MB


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