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Have sales of coloring books leveled out or are they really declining in popularity

Coloring books have been a popular pastime for children for decades, but in recent years, they have become increasingly popular among adults as well. However, there is a debate in the publishing industry about whether sales of coloring books have leveled out or if they are really declining in popularity. In this blog post, we will explore the current state of the coloring book industry and analyze the reasons behind the possible decline in sales.

Current State of the Coloring Book Industry:

According to Publishers Weekly, sales of coloring books peaked in 2015 and have been declining ever since. In 2015, adult coloring books made up 9 of the top 20 bestselling books on Amazon. However, by 2018, only 2 coloring books made it to the top 20 list. This indicates a significant decline in sales over the past few years.

Reasons for the Decline in Sales:

There are several possible reasons for the decline in sales of coloring books. One reason is that the market has become oversaturated with too many options. When adult coloring books first became popular, there were only a few options available. However, as the trend grew, more and more publishers jumped on board, flooding the market with options. This has made it difficult for consumers to choose which books to buy, leading to a decline in sales overall.

Another reason for the decline in sales is that people may be losing interest in coloring books. The trend may have simply run its course, and people are now moving on to other hobbies. Additionally, some people may have found that coloring books do not provide the same stress-relief benefits as other activities, such as exercise or meditation.

Successful Coloring Book Publishers and Authors:

Despite the decline in sales, some coloring book publishers and authors have managed to remain successful. For example, Johanna Basford's "Secret Garden" coloring book has sold over 16 million copies worldwide. Basford's success can be attributed to her unique and intricate designs, which set her apart from other coloring book authors.

While coloring books were once a hugely popular trend, sales have declined in recent years. This decline can be attributed to several factors, including oversaturation of the market and a loss of interest in the trend. However, some publishers and authors have managed to remain successful by offering unique and high-quality designs. It remains to be seen whether the coloring book trend will make a comeback or if it will continue to decline in popularity.


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