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Review: Invasion of the Doodle Aliens

Invasions of the Doodle Aliens is an extraordinary adult coloring book that is designed to provide users with an utterly unique experience.

front cover of a coloring book
Invasion of the Doodle Aliens coloring book cover

The book was created by Dustin Brady and includes 26 pages of intricate designs, which are rich in detail and complexity and suited to both beginners and experts alike. The doodles have a futuristic and otherworldly feel, which perfectly suits the theme of the book.

What sets this coloring book apart from others is its ability to engage and inspire users to apply their creativity and imagination. The book has a range of designs, each with a unique mix of geometric shapes and organic patterns that create a stunning visual. The designs capture the true essence of an alien invasion. The patterns are so extensive that they provide ample opportunities for coloring and experimenting. The book, therefore, encourages users to flex their creative muscles.

The designs are printed on one side of the paper, which is a thoughtful aspect of this book. It is convenient because it allows you to color the designs using any medium without worrying about paper buckling and bleeding. Therefore, you can use markers, gel pens, watercolor pencils, or colored pencils to color the designs.

While coloring, I found the page layout to be enjoyable and organized. The designs are well-spaced, ensuring that the user does not feel crowded while coloring. The spacing of the lines is perfect, providing users with enough room to color, shade, and blend their colors. The paper quality is outstanding and thick, which was an added advantage of this coloring book.

back cover of coloring book
back cover of Invasion of Doodle Aliens coloring book

Invasions of the Doodle Aliens is designed to appeal to a wide range of audiences. The designs have varying levels of difficulty ranging from beginner to advanced. Whether you are a novice or an expert colorist, you will find this book to be both challenging and satisfying. It is an ideal coloring book for adults seeking mindfulness, relaxation, and stress relief.

One drawback of this coloring book is that there is no introduction or story about the invasion of the doodle aliens. It would have been helpful to have some background or information about it to pique the interest of the user.

To sum up, Dustin Brady's Invasion of the Doodle Aliens is a top-notch adult coloring book. It is well-crafted, engaging, and appealing to users seeking relaxation and stress relief. Each design is intricate and unique, providing users with ample opportunities to experiment and express their creativity. The book is well organized and printed on high-quality paper, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and expert colorists alike. The coloring book is suitable for anyone looking to unwind, relax, and take a break from the daily routine. Overall, it is an excellent book that I highly recommend.

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