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Grind and Slaughter – A Matt Skinner Film Special Edition Coffee


"Grind and  Slaughter" isn't just a coffee; it's an epic tale in a cup, a limited edition blend that celebrates the unique and audacious spirit of the indie horror-comedy, "Air Fryer Slaughter." This special single origin coffee, sourced from the rich volcanic soils of Antigua, Guatemala, captures the essence of tradition and supports the vibrant community that nurtures it.

Where Tradition Meets Art: Nestled beneath towering volcanoes, our select Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, and Typica beans are harvested from organic fertile volcanic loam at altitudes of 1200 to 1616 meters. These beans, cultivated through age-old farming practices by smallholder farmers, bring a story of heritage and passion to each brew.

Crafting Community and Creativity: In every purchase of "Grind and Slaughter," you contribute to sustainable practices that uplift Guatemalan farming villages. Simultaneously, you support the ingenious storytelling of MMH Productions, the creative force behind over 200 indie films.

A Symphony of Flavors: Aged in bourbon barrels for 30 days, "Grind and Slaughter" presents a bold flavor profile of dark chocolate, bright fruit, and butterscotch. This blend is reminiscent of the eclectic and macabre humor threaded throughout "Air Fryer Slaughter," a Matt Skinner film featuring a stellar cast including Lloyd Kaufman, Jessa Flux, Kevin Duffy, and Heather Harlow.

Screen to Sip: With a coffee cameo in the film and voiced by the talented Matt Skinner, "Grind and  Slaughter" is more than a beverage – it's a part of the cinematic experience. Brought to the market by SunnyJ, an online retail guru with a cameo in the film, this coffee bridges the gap between the silver screen and your morning routine.

Indulge in the Intrigue: "Grind and Slaughter" is as exclusive as a limited release film. Each batch is like a collector's item for coffee enthusiasts and indie film fans alike.

Warning: "Grind & Slaughter" is available in hauntingly limited quantities. Secure your bag of this horror-comedy inspired brew before it vanishes like the final credits roll.



**single orgin 

Final inspection, packaging and shipping from USA


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