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An Ambidextrous Aquatic Adventure in Coloring designed for all Coloring Enthusiasts. These complex coloring pages are designed to numb the mind while your body relaxes from a long day. In Sassy Sailors Sayings, there are 48 underwater coloring opportunities with padded pages to prevent bleed through from most markers and pens. Colorful Pirate slang, quotes and sassing will make you smile as you unwind from daily stresses. This book is suitable for left-handed or right-handed colorists and artists of all ages. Tinge World Coloring Books hits the right Angle for All. Oceans of fishy coloring fun!

**Naughty Sailor Sayin's - there's CUSSING **

Sassy Sailors Sayings: Trash Talking Tars

SKU: Sassy Sailors
  • 979-8987694688

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