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Color Your Love More

two older women smiling
Pam & Lucy

Once upon a time, in a small mid western town, there were two best friends named Pam and Lucy. They were inseparable during their high school years, always laughing, sharing secrets, and dreaming about the future. But as life often does, it took them on different paths and they drifted apart, losing touch for an astonishing thirty years.

Pam became a successful lawyer, working long hours and climbing the corporate ladder. She focused on building her career and had little time for anything else. Pam moved to Manhattan and never looked back. With a trophy husband and her children grown, Pam thought of her life as complete.

On the other hand, Lucy chose a different path and pursued her passion for art. She embraced a bohemian lifestyle, filled with creativity and freedom. She wandered through the galleries from Paris to San Francisco, becoming a leading art curator for the rich and weird of the millennium.

One fateful day, their lives intersected again at the funeral of a mutual friend. Grief and nostalgia filled the air as they exchanged sad smiles and shared memories in silence. After the somber ceremony, they found themselves at a small local restaurant for the reception. Awkwardness lingered between them as they sat at the table, unsure of what to say after all those years of separation.

To their surprise, the waitress brought over some coloring pages and crayons for the grandchildren. The eatery was crowded and coloring would help the children be patient. As Pam and Lucy watched the children dive into the world of colors, something sparked within them.

Without exchanging a single word, Pam and Lucy picked up crayons and started to color alongside the children. They let their emotions flow through the strokes of vibrant hues, finding solace and peace in the act of creating. As they colored, their hearts began to heal, and the walls built by years of absence started to crumble away. They realized that coloring was a universal language that connected people of all ages, backgrounds, and life experiences.

color your love more

Amidst their silent coloring, one observant child noticed the connection between the two women. He pulled out a coloring book from his backpack and gently handed it to them. With a bright smile on his face, he told them, "You both need to color your love more, and it will be easier for your eyes to smile."

Pam and Lucy looked at each other, their eyes brimming with tears. They had been given a profound message through the innocent words of a child. Emotions overwhelmed them, and they finally found the words to share their stories, their joys, and their sorrows.

Together, they poured their hearts onto the coloring pages, laughing and reminiscing about the old days. They discovered that despite the differences in their lives, their friendship had never faded. Pam and Lucy had held a special place in each other's hearts all those years, even in their absence.

As they continued to color, their connection grew stronger, and the weight of thirty years apart melted away. They realized that coloring wasn't just about creating beautiful art - it was about reconnecting with oneself and others, bridging the gaps between hearts.

From that day forward, Pam and Lucy knew they would never let time or life's challenges separate them again. They had rekindled a friendship rooted in love, laughter, and shared memories. And it all started with a simple act of coloring and the wisdom of a child.

Their journey of rediscovered friendship became an inspiration to all who knew them, demonstrating that sometimes, the deepest connections can be found in the simplest moments. Pam and Lucy learned that love and friendship were timeless, and that through coloring and shared experiences, their eyes could once again smile.

- with Love from the Imagination of Tinge World


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