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Review Creative Fabrica: Revolutionizing the Coloring Book Creators Community?

Review Creative Fabrica: Revolutionizing the Coloring Book Creators Community?

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Creative Fabrica has had a significant impact on the Coloring Book Creators Community. With its wide range of design resources and marketplace platform, Creative Fabrica has become a popular destination for many coloring book creators.

Russell Tolliday, a customer, expressed his dissatisfaction with Creative Fabrica as a seller. According to him, the earnings for his listed template bundles were minimal, and he felt uncertain about how many people were downloading his products. Tolliday mentioned that Creative Fabrica only shared pennies and did not provide any sales with a decent amount of money. He also noticed a decrease in sales on other platforms where he listed his products, speculating that people checked Creative Fabrica first to see if they could get his products under their subscription before spending money elsewhere. However, his most significant frustration came when he tried to remove his products from the site. He discovered that it took three months for them to be taken down, which he perceived as a tactic to keep his products on the site longer and pay him less. Tolliday concluded that Creative Fabrica was a complete scam for sellers.

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Another customer, JisHere, had a different grievance with Creative Fabrica. In their experience as a side hustle artist, JisHere found it impossible to determine how many products they sold on the platform. While other similar platforms provided clear sales information, Creative Fabrica did not. JisHere explained that their Wallet balance would increase, indicating sales, but there was no way to identify what products were sold. They also mentioned that some days they earned as little as $0.01, implying that they had made sales, but the lack of transparency prevented them from knowing which products were successful. After waiting nearly two years for the issue to be resolved, JisHere decided to delete their products and account, choosing to stick with platforms that valued both contributors and customers.

Xander Blue, another customer, pointed out a concern regarding the quality of items on Creative Fabrica. They found that some printed items had poor quality, as if they were copies of copies. Additionally, they mentioned that leaving a review with less than a 5-star rating on the website was inconvenient, requiring them to open a help ticket. This lack of quality control and difficulty in leaving an honest review may contribute to diminished quality within the coloring book publications on the platform.

While these testimonials raise concerns about the impact of Creative Fabrica on the quality of coloring book publications, it is important to note that customer experiences can vary significantly. For example, Graficzny Stan Umysłu from Poland, praised Creative Fabrica as being irreplaceable, with a wide variety of graphics, fonts, templates, and other resources that a creator might need. Similarly, Sandy Luke highlighted the support they received from Creative Fabrica as a designer, with fast responses and a kind attitude whenever assistance was needed.

In summary, Creative Fabrica has made a significant impact on the Coloring Book Creators Community. While some customers, like Russell Tolliday and JisHere, expressed dissatisfaction with low earnings, a lack of transparency, and concerns about quality control, it is important to gather a range of perspectives to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the platform's impact. Despite potential challenges, such as potential quality control issues, Creative Fabrica still offers a convenient marketplace with a diverse range of design resources that many creators find valuable.

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