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Tinge World Publishing

Tinge World's Inkspirations blog is a valuable resource for independent coloring book authors looking to reach a broader audience. The blog is a vibrant and informative space that showcases popular coloring and activity books, highlighting their features and benefits. Tinge World uses social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube to advertise their offerings, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement with potential readers.

To further promote their products, Tinge World offers independent authors the opportunity to feature their coloring or activity book on the Inkspirations blog. Featuring on the blog can help authors connect with their target audience and increase book sales. The service offers three options, with varying degrees of post length and content creation, to suit different budgets.

The Basic Post option costs $30 and provides independent authors with a platform to advertise their coloring or activity book. In this option, authors can provide a 200 words post, which will be posted within three days, and includes one image and one link. If authors want to add more links or photos, they can purchase extras.

The Economy Post option costs $40 and provides independent authors with a 500-word post about their book, which will be posted within three days. The post also includes one image and one link. If authors want to add more links or photos, they can purchase extras.

The Full Service Post option is the most comprehensive and costs $55. In this option, Tinge World writes a captivating post of at least 800 words about the author's coloring or activity book. The Full Service Post includes up to two links (one of which can be a QVC link) and a photo. Interestingly, authors can add additional links or photos by purchasing addons.

Once the post is published, Tinge World shares it on their social media channels, further promoting the author's work. By choosing any of the three options, independent authors can use the Tinge World blog to promote their coloring or activity book, reach a wider audience, and grow their brand.

The Inkspirations blog has various categories, and the authors get to choose the category that works best for them, such as activity books, planners, journals, calendars as well as coloring books. The authors also have the liberty to choose their preferred tone, given the three options of persuasive, entertaining, and humorous. The blog articles take three days to post and come with one image and at least one link.

The opportunity to feature on the Inkspirations blog serves independent authors well. By providing access to the service, which comes in different options to cater to various budgets, Tinge World has opened up new marketing avenues. By allowing the authors to choose their preferred category and tone, Tinge World ensures they deliver a well-crafted post that accurately represents the author's brand. Authors can confidently use Tinge World's Inkspirations blog to promote their coloring or activity book and grow their brand.

Tinge World utilizes the Fiverr platform for processing blog feature requests because of its transparency and accountability. Fiverr provides clear pricing options and facilitates communication between Tinge World and authors. The platform ensures a reliable and secured transaction process, benefiting both parties. With its rating and review system, Fiverr promotes transparency and maintains high standards, allowing authors to provide feedback on Tinge World's services. By utilizing Fiverr, Tinge World can offer a trustworthy and accountable process for authors seeking blog features, fostering trust and satisfaction for all parties involved.


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