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Your Ultimate Self-Publishing Companion

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Self Publishing Assistance less than $400

In the ever-evolving landscape of publishing, aspiring authors and artists are turning to self-publishing as a means to express their creativity and share their visions with the world. However, navigating the self-publishing journey can be challenging without the right support and guidance. This is where Tinge World comes in as the ultimate choice for self-publishing assistance. With their expertise in the publishing industry and commitment to artistic expression, Tinge World ensures that your dreams of becoming a published author or artist are brought to life.

Professional Expertise and Artistic Expression:

Tinge World understands the unique needs and challenges faced by self-publishing authors and artists. Whether you are an aspiring novelist, poet, illustrator, or coloring book enthusiast, Tinge World offers an array of services tailored to your specific needs. With their professional expertise, they can format your black and white line drawings into a captivating and aesthetically pleasing coloring book, making every page come to life with vibrant artwork and attention to detail. Tinge World's commitment to artistic expression ensures that your vision shines through in every aspect of your publication.

Wide Distribution Network:

Publishing a book is only half the battle; reaching your target audience is equally important. Tinge World's wide distribution network ensures that your book receives the attention it deserves. Once your book is published, it becomes available for global distribution and purchase within 6-8 weeks. This means that your masterpiece will be easily accessible to coloring enthusiasts and book lovers worldwide. With Tinge World as your partner, you can rest assured that your work will have the chance to make a significant impact and reach a wide readership. Why overpay on the price-point with other companies?

Personalized Support and Dedication:

Tinge World takes self-publishing assistance to the next level by providing personalized support throughout the publishing process. Their dedicated team of professionals is committed to ensuring that your vision is brought to fruition. From helping you create a 32 to 100-page coloring book with a striking cover to offering revisions before publishing, Tinge World is there every step of the way. They even provide an ISBN with a listing in the US trade directory, giving your book the credibility it deserves in the publishing industry. Moreover, Tinge World goes the extra mile by publishing the book and sending you a proof copy, so you can make any necessary revisions to perfect it. With Tinge World, you don't have to navigate the self-publishing journey alone – they are by your side, supporting and guiding you.

Generous Royalties and Accountability:

When it comes to self-publishing, financial considerations are crucial. Tinge World offers different packages to suit your needs, with each package ensuring generous royalties. With the Full-Service package, you can benefit from 100% royalties, with no taxes withheld from your earnings. Tinge World values its authors and artists and understands the importance of rewarding their hard work and dedication. By choosing Tinge World as your self-publishing partner, you can expect transparency, accountability, and fair compensation for your efforts.

Tinge World stands out as the best choice for self-publishing assistance. Their expertise in the publishing industry, commitment to artistic expression, wide distribution network, personalized support, and generous royalties make them the ultimate companion on your self-publishing journey. With Tinge World by your side, you can confidently bring your creative visions to life and share them with a global audience. Don't wait any longer – choose Tinge World and turn your self-publishing dreams into reality.

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Tinge World ensures transparency and accountability by contracting with artists and authors through the Fiverr platform. This arrangement provides double-blind protection for all parties involved. In cases where multiple authors or artists are listed as creators on one publication, Tinge World can divide the royalties as necessary to ensure a fair distribution. This approach demonstrates Tinge World's commitment to fairness and acknowledging the contributions made by each creator. By utilizing the Fiverr platform and offering flexible royalty division, Tinge World creates a secure and transparent environment that protects the interests of all artists and authors involved in the publishing process.

Service Area: US 48 States, extra charges apply for international shipping


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